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  • What are your hours?
    Mondays - CLOSED Tuesdays - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Wednesdays - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursdays - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Fridays - 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturdays - 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Sundays - CLOSED *Sugar Coma reserves the rights to change store hours due to staff availability, training, weather, appointments, parties, events, and personal reasons. **Sugar Coma is closed on these major holidays - New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day
  • What types of custom treats do you offer?
    Sugar Coma offers many different varieties of treats: Chocolate covered pretzel rods Rice krispie bars Flavored cookies Cookies & Cream balls Fudge Cake balls Cake pops Cream Cheese mints Whoopie pies Cookie cups Chocolate dipped Marshmallows Plus more...
  • Do you deliver?
    Sugar Coma Treats can deliver for a fee within the Omaha metro area. It will vary by location, as well as if Sugar Coma needs to setup the items at the venue. Deliveries must be planned at least a week prior to the event date. All online orders must be picked up in shop during open hours.
  • Where are you located?
    Sugar Coma Treats is at 2623 S. 144th Street on the northeast corner of 144th and Center Street in Summit Pointe. We are facing west towards 144th Street.
  • Do you have a book of designs we can look at?
    We are a custom bakery and we do not have a book of designs that we base our own designs from. Most of our custom orders stem from a customer's ideas and inspiration pictures brought to life. If you do not have a design in mind, we will gladly go over details to see what kind of creation we can create for you! You can also visit our gallery page to view cakes, cupcakes, etc. that we've done in the past.
  • How much of a notice do you need?
    At Sugar Coma, we prefer a week's notice so we can plan accordingly; such as if we need to purchase toppers, special ingredients, etc. We do not keep fresh ingredients on hand and purchase those only when needed. In the event that we feel that we can accommodate an order (less than a week's notice), we will take on an order. There maybe a rush fee applied as we may need to make an extra trip to the store to purchase items.
  • What are your cake sizes and prices?
  • What cake frostings & fillings do you offer?
  • What cake flavors do you offer?
  • What are your popular cake combinations (flavors and fillings)?
  • What are your decorated sugar cookie prices?
    Printed sugar cookies start @ $40/dozen Decorated designs start @ $40/dozen - simple designs, using only 2-3 colors Detailed decorated designs; i.e. metallic accents, multiple colors, several layers within a design, brand logos, etc; start @ $45/dozen Rush fee (less than a week's notice if able to take on order) - $3+/dozen depending on the design Like them wrapped? ~~Standard wrapping is $3/dozen ~~Specialty wrapping (i.e. fancy bows, ribbons, individual boxes, 1 order separated into several boxes, etc.) is $5+/dozen
  • How much of a notice do you need for decorated sugar cookies?
    Decorated sugar cookies are an elaborate process. We prefer a week's notice as we plan out sugar cookies approximately a week in advance. There's a specific timeline we follow from start to finish. In some cases, if we feel we can take on an order with less than a week's notice, there may be a rush fee applied as the cookie schedule was already set the week prior.
  • What kind of cookies do you offer?
    We offer flavored bakery style cookies along with our popular decorated sugar cookies (as mentioned above):
  • What are your cupcake prices?
    Mini cupcakes start @ $15/dozen Standard cupcakes (no filling, no toppers) start @ $26/dozen Decorated cupcakes (i.e. cupcake toppers, fondant decoration) start at $30/dozen Speciality cupcakes (with filling, garnish) start @ $34/dozen
  • What standard cupcake flavors do you offer?
  • What flavor of specialty cupcakes do you offer?
    Please note - specialty cupcakes have garnishes on top and are not available for cupcakes with toppers and/or decorations.
  • How do I order?
    The very best way to order is via email and Facebook messenger, followed by text message. It may take us anywhere from 24-48 hours to respond due to the volume of messages we receive daily. Please note, we are closed Sundays and Mondays and may not return your message until the next business day. We are human, so if you feel your message was missed or ignored, please feel free to check back in with us.
  • How do I know if my order is confirmed?
    At Sugar Coma, we require a deposit on each order to secure the date and the order. Once details are discussed, and we receive a confirmation that you'd like to move ahead with the order, we will send an invoice within 3 business days to an email address that is provided. The instructions on how to pay will be in the email, as well as our policy on if a deposit isn't paid on time. Your order is not confirmed until a deposit has been made! If there is a discussion of a possible future order, this does not secure your spot. Once details are confirmed on your side, we require verbal acknowledgement that you'd like to move forward. We are human, so if you haven't seen an invoice sent to you, please contact us so we can check on it ASAP. Also, check SPAM folders as the invoice emails often find their way there.
  • I need to cancel my order. How do I do that?
    We understand that event dates change, get cancelled, or people get sick, so we try to be fair with our cancellation policy. If cancelled 7 or more days from the event, you can get a FULL refund on your deposit. 2. If cancelled within 4-6 days before the event, you can get a 50% refund on your deposit. 3. If cancelled within 1-3 days before the event, there will be no refund issued, but store credit for a future purchase will be given to you to redeem at a later date (if our schedules permit it). This store credit can only be used once, so if the full amount is not used during the next purchase, the rest of the amount is forfeited to Sugar Coma.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We take a lot of pride in all our products. At pickup, we will ask to make sure that everything is correct such as the design, spelling, etc. If an item is not to your liking, but Sugar Coma Treats followed the design details in the invoice you received for your deposit payment, Sugar Coma is not considered responsible, and no refunds will be issued. If there is an error on our behalf, please let us know at pickup, so we are able to fix it before leaving the shop. Please note, that once a cake item leaves our shop, it is deemed "accepted" and a refund will not be issued. All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our shop. We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the products during transport, set-up or any time thereafter. Keep in mind that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly – such as cracks, smudges, melted frosting, etc. We will instruct you at pickup on the best way to handle transportation and storage. Cake flavor and texture is subjective. You may qualify for a percentage of a store credit if the product is brought back and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined to not meet Sugar Coma's standards. Cakes must be brought back to us within a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours of pick up, but if not able to due to store hours, the next business day - please call or email us promptly to let us know of the issue. Quality determination is solely at the discretion of Sugar Coma Treats. Please understand that we cannot issue refunds for cakes that have already been completely eaten. Remember, if you purchase an article of clothing and decide you don't like it and want a refund, can you ask the store for a refund without taking the product back? 😀
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